My own journey began as a child at family reunions and hearing stories about my father’s pioneer ancestors who helped settle Oregon in 1843. A family friend picked up on my curiosity and planted a seed that did not bloom until middle adulthood. The pioneer story was only one part of my family heritage. It represented my father’s mother’s maternal line. What of my other paternal grandparents and their ancestors? What about my mother’s side of the family? Researching their histories has been rewarding and informative in many ways.

An unexpected bonus from the research has been reconnecting with living extended family members. Through my research, I’ve met cousins and learned their stories. We’ve traded pictures and my appreciation of family has grown richer.

Every family has a story. Discover your family’s story by working with the genealogist at Missing Pieces Genealogy, LLC. By researching the records, we can piece together your family’s story.

  • Did they stay in the same place for generations?
  • Were they wanderers?
  • What historical events did they possibly witness?

If you’ve ever wondered about your family’s past, MPG can help you answer those questions!

“In every conceivable manner, the family is link to our past, bridge to our future.”
– Alex Haley